They help others in million ways. This time we’ve helped them a little, to put into words how they do it.
The Integrated Family Services and Child Welfare Institution of Veszprém helps everyone, wherever they can. The institution supports families, children and everyone in need in the Veszprém and neighbouring area. Their activities vary from organising summer camps, through providing financial consultation, to collecting donations, and so many other ways, where they can engage and help the ones in need.

The head of the institution, with a fantastic team supporting her, needed a fresh pair of eyes to work some magic into their old website. While they had loads of visitors, it was really easy to get lost on the pages, as the content was structured in a way that helped the professionals of other institutions to find what they needed, rather than the real recipients of their help and services.

After an in-depth chat, talking through the audience and the goal of the website, we’ve created a new menu structure and content proposal. In a couple of weeks time, their new WordPress page was up and running. The news section became easily editable by their team and easy to find on the new, mobile friendly website.

During the webpage migration the links and most visited pages were redirected in order to keep visitor numbers high.


Content Management System

Tasks completed

  • Content audit on their former website
  • Menu and content structure proposal and creation
  • WordPress Template adjusments, styling
  • Uploading content
  • WordPress training for users
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console registration
  • Privacy and Cookie Policy set up
  • Monthly security and plug in updates

July 2019