What's your Online Story?

Let your website tell it for you!

Professional website building and copywriting for those who want to stand out with their story.


Do you have an honest response?

Do you have a really good website?

In order for your website to be really interesting and informative, it needs to answer these 3 basic questions!

What? How? Why?

Inspired by: Simon Sinek


Product offering

What do you offer to your customers?
These are your products and services.

How do you differentiate yourself?
The things that make you stand out from your competition are the reasons for your customers to choose You.

Why do you do, what you do?
What you believe in and what motivates you will truly shine through your story and your offering.

copywriting design marketing it.


From the techie bits to the last words

Website building

Website building

We’ll install the Drupal, WordPress, or Squarespace template for your website or webshop.
Copywriting in English and Hungarian

Copywriting in English and Hungarian

It’s easy to write a lot, but to write something short and sweet can be a challenge! Let us help you in both.
Unique, responsive design

Unique, responsive design

We’ll find the right template for you and colour, shape and tailor it to your taste.
Security updates

Security updates

And what’s with the trolls and cyber meh? Yes, they can hack and get into your site if you don’t update it. We’ll gladly do this for you.

Storage and domain

Storage and domain

We’ll help to find a home and address for your webpage, all you need to do is pay for the rent.
Analytics and social media

Analytics and social media

Know who read what and when. We can help you harmonise and link your social media pages.


Because we want to be part of your online story.

We believe that there is always a need for good. And we also believe that the small and medium businesses are the future.

The big corporates have created a business and marketing culture, where with long, complicated, fluffy sentences you can talk for hours about nothing, while we, as readers, still can’t actually figure out what they do or stand for.

What is certain, is that it’s difficult to keep doing any business without a web presence. Everyone likes to do a little online research and find some information before we jump into action. Actually, we usually get the first impressions on a company through the internet, not via phone or in person, like in the “old days”. So for you to have a webpage is really a basic requirement…

But… Have you picked a wine by its label or a book by its cover? We have! And the best was when the style and wording promised exactly what you expected and then got, right? And have you abandoned a webpage because it looked horrible or you couldn’t find the information that you were after? We did! So actually your online look and what you share with your future clients does matter!

Similars attract, and together we can achieve bigger and better things. We’d love to help You to find your online voice and online story, so you can also work with people that are similar to you. So if it’s good for You, it’s magical for us, because it meant we could help You!

Webpage building prices

We love to travel, hike and discover. And as each adventure requires different effort, the creation of each website will require different time and energy depending on what you need. Below we propose a rough idea on our packages as an information. But for all website building project we’ll provide you with a personalised offer and quote that fits your budget and needs.
600 €
price per website
  • 1-5 pages
  • Propose and install template
  • Uploading pre-written content
  • Basic design settings
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880 €
price per website
  • 5-10 pages
  • Template with unique design
  • Copywriting
  • Image sourcing
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1120 €
price per website
  • 10+ pages
  • Tailoring template and design
  • Copywriting and multi-language site
  • Social media and analytics
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The Csontos duo,
when the IT guy meets the marketing girl.

We simply can’t get enough of each other, therefore we always have some common projects going on! And it is great, because we really complement each others knowledge. Also, it is so exciting to set new challenges for each other.



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